Most Relevant Question

1. What is service mario?

Service Mario is one stop destination for all kinds of services . we are vibrant and energetic like mario. ServiceMario enables users find any service professionals like electrician, plumbing, carpenting, painting, photography, Joytish, Brahmin etc .

2. Does ServiceMario deliver service outside valley?

Currently we don’t offer service outside valley. We will expand our services outside valley very soon.

3. Does warrenty costs?

No, but the service after warrenty period will be charged.

4. Can I bring my own spares for the service?

Yes, But the spares by us are also nominal and of good quality.

5. What are the methods of payment?

You can pay by three methods: 1. Bank deposit 2. Eswa transfer 3. Instant cash

6. Can I pay the charges on installments or pay later?

 No, the payements should be done instantly.

7. How service mario offers such a low fees than others?

 Because we offer charges according to complexity of problems. And additionlly we offer heavy discount.

8. For how long I get Warrenty?

You get service warrenty of 1 week only.